Warframe Arbitration Alert Guide

Warframe Arbitration Alert Guide

In Warframe, Arbitration Alerts are special alert missions that will provide you with a tough challenge, but potentially great rewards.

In Warframe, Arbitration Alerts are special alert missions that will provide you with a tough challenge. They can also give great rewards, and are largely considered to be the current best Endo farm in the game.

How To Get Access To Arbitration Alerts

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To get access to Arbitration Alerts, you need to complete every node on the Star Chart. This means completing each mission, on each planet, at least once. If you want to check which missions you have yet to complete, you can visit the Arbiters of Hexis on any of the Relays. Just go to their Syndicate room, and talk to the NPC on the left-hand side of the entrance. If you still have missions to complete, the NPC will tell you which ones they are.

If you are new to the game, there is no rush to get access to Arbitration Alerts. They will more than likely be too difficult for you to complete. Focus on ranking up, getting weapons and mods, and learning how to put together good builds instead.

How Arbitrations Work

Arbitrations are high-level missions, between level 60 and level 80 in difficulty. This puts them up around the Sortie region of difficulty, and as such can be considered to be quite tough. What sets these missions apart is that you only have one life. If you die, it’s over. Die before completing the mission, and you get nothing. Each mission also has some type of modifier that increases the difficulty in some way.

  • Infested Salvage – Consoles have half health.
  • Survival – Life support capsules provides 25% less life support.
  • Defense – The defense target is mobile, and the time between waves is reduced.
  • Excavation – Dig time is increased to 180 seconds.
  • Defection – Defectors cannot be revived.
  • Interception – Enemy controlled towers fill their progress bar twice as fast.

There are some bonuses available for you, however. For each Arbitration Alert, a random weapon and Warframe will be more powerful. The Warframe will get an Ability Strength increase of +300%, while the weapon will get a damage increase of +300%. You will only get these bonuses if you actually use the relevant weapon or Warframe during the Arbitration!

The final difference is the presence of Shield Drones. The Drones will completely protect enemies from damage, and you will need to destroy them quickly or risk being overrun. They are also immune to Warframe abilities, so you will need to shoot them. The good news is, when they die, they explode and take out lots of surrounding enemies with them.

How Arbitration Rewards Work

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You can stay grinding an Arbitration mission for multiple rounds, but once you leave it, or fail, you can’t restart until the next Arbitration beings. Rewards will be earned as follows:

  • Infested Salvage – Every 2 rounds.
  • Survival – Every 10 minutes.
  • Defense – Every 10 waves.
  • Excavation – Every 2 completed digs.
  • Defection – Every 4 groups of defectors.
  • Interception – Every 2 rounds.

The reward rotations also differ. They just go A-B-C, and then the C rotation continues until you leave. This is good news, as the better rewards are normally in the C rotation.

Rotation A Rewards

  • 1300 Endo
  • Ayatan Ayr Sculpture
  • Adaptation
  • Ayatan Valana Sculpture
  • Ayatan Sah Sculpture
  • Rolling Guard
  • Sharpshooter
  • Vigorous Swap

Rotation B Rewards

  • 1600 Endo
  • Ayatan Piv Sculpture
  • Ayatan Vaya Sculpture
  • Adaptation
  • Rolling Guard
  • Sharpshooter
  • Vigorous Swap

Rotation C Rewards

  • 2000 Endo
  • Ayatan Orta Sculpture
  • Adaptation
  • Rolling Guard
  • Sharpshooter
  • Vigorous Swap

In each Rotation, the Endo is always the reward with the highest chance to drop. You also earn Vitus Essence, that can be traded in with the Arbiters of Hexis NPC in return for rewards.

That should cover just about everything you need to know about Arbitration Alerts!