How to Bullet Jump in Warframe

How to Bullet Jump in Warframe

Bullet jumping is the best way to get around in Warframe. In this guide, we will show you how to do it.

A bullet jump in Warframe is part of the game’s fluid and dynamic movement system. One of today’s Nightwave Series 2 challenges wants us to bullet jump 150 times. The good news is, once you know how to do it, this won’t take long. There are two main ways to perform a bullet jump in the game, and we will run through both of them today.

How to Bullet Jump in Warframe

warframe bullet jump guide - How to Bullet Jump in Warframe


When you are crouching, you can hit the jump button to launch your Warframe towards where you are aiming. This is useful because it is possible to jump straight up into the air. You get extra height while bullet jumping, making it an easy way to traverse awkward terrain. If you want to get an extremely high jump, just aim the camera at the ground below you when you do it.

The best way to do it is while sliding. All you need to do is hit jump while sliding, and your Warframe will leap forward. You can slide by just hitting the couch button while running. You will get a burst of acceleration, but less height than a standard jump. This is a great way to rapidly traverse a level. You can slide, then jump, then instantly slide again as you hit the ground, allowing to you to chain another jump. Then you can continue this sequence forever if you wish. You can still shoot your weapons, or use melee attacks while doing this technique.

You will also be able to cast abilities, although not all abilities can be cast in the air. Another issue is that a lot of abilities have animations that might interrupt your movement. I like to slide jump, then when I want to cast I rapidly point my camera down, do a high jump and cast, and most animations will have finished by the time you hit the ground. This way, you can simply slide again, then go straight back to your jump sequence.

It can take a bit of getting used to, but learning how to properly bullet jump in Warframe is very important. Make sure you practice it a lot in your missions to really get the most out of the movement system.