How to Get the Spectre Hunter Mask in The Division 2

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Steps to get the Hunter to spawn so you can get the Spectre Hunter mask in The Division 2.

This guide will show agents how to get the Spectre Hunter mask in The Division 2. This will include steps to troubleshoot the Hunter not spawning in.

How to Get the Spectre Hunter Mask

There’s a lot of misinformation and experiences passed along as fact when it comes to the Spectre Hunter mask in The Division 2. The important thing to remember is very few (if any) outlets have it right, and very few of them completed this task in-game personally, so expect to be misled and told things that are just not accurate.

The Spectre Hunter is found in the southwest corner of East Mall, just outside the building that is marked on the map as a Contaminated Zone. That building has a series of windows. There is a bottom level of windows with two rows, and a top level of windows with two rows. To spawn the Hunter, shoot the bottom row of the bottom level from left to right, including the window mostly covered by a tarp. Next, shoot the top row of the top level, skipping any open or broken windows.

Spectre Hunter Not Spawning

Be prepared for nothing to happen, as you’ve likely experienced many times before. However, don’t let it bother you. If the Hunter doesn’t spawn, simply choose the Matchmake option at the top left of your map window, then navigate to Open World Exploration. Join another agent’s game, then head to the same spot in the southwest corner of East Mall. Shoot out the windows as I’ve outlined above (I’m aware others have spawned the Hunter shooting different windows — that’s okay). If this new server doesn’t work, try another, and another, and keep trying new servers until the Hunter spawns.

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Unfortunately, the more you read about this, the more convoluted the situation gets. Everyone on Reddit and in YouTube comments knows what to do, but remember a few things:

  • This Hunter and quest are very buggy, so you’re not doing something wrong, the game is just jacked up at the moment.
  • Someone’s experience (like mine) doesn’t make for fact. This Hunter has been proven to spawn using a few different methods. This is just what worked for me.

For more help with everything it means to be an agent, visit our dedicated page to The Division 2 and look at the other guides we have going. Now that you (hopefully) have the Spectre Hunter mask, your time in Washington will be more enjoyable.

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