Moose Locations – The Long Dark

Moose Locations – The Long Dark

Moose locations can be hard to find in The Long Dark, but we’ve got a comprehensive list to help you track down these massive animals.

Moose locations can be difficult to find in The Long Dark. There aren’t many in each region, and they don’t always activate on every save. For players that wish to hunt Moose, it helps to have an idea of where you need to go. In this guide, we’ll list each Moose spawn point in The Long Dark.

Moose Locations

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©If you spot a tree with its bark rubbed off, that’s a Moose spawn point. One will eventually show up in the nearby area.

We’ll only be listing the potential spawn points below. If you’re not familiar with the names of each of the locations, you can visit our region maps and transition zones to get a better idea.

Mystery Lake

  • Trapper’s Homestead
  • Cabin (North of Unnamed Pond) – Tree Rubs
  • Train Loading Area
  • River (Northern Access)

Mountain Town

  • Milton Basin – Tree Rubs
  • St. Christopher’s Church (Pond to the East)

Broken Railroad

  • Hunting Lodge – Tree Rubs
  • Hunter’s Blind (Northeast) – Tree Rubs

Forlorn Muskeg

  • Pond (Northeast Corner of Map) – Tree Rubs
  • Muskeg Overlook (To the South) – Tree Rubs
  • Marsh Ridge – Tree Rub

Coastal Highway

  • Coastal Townsite

Desolation Point

  • Stone Church – Tree Rubs
  • Matt’s Truck
  • Hibernia Processing

Timberwolf Mountain

  • Wing (East of Crystal Lake) – Tree Rubs
  • Landing Gear – Tree Rubs

Pleasant Valley

  • Lonely Homestead – Tree Rubs
  • Pensive Pond

Hushed River Valley

  • Monolith Lake – Tree Rubs
  • Moose Overlook (West) – Tree Rubs

Bleak Inlet

  • Hunter’s Blind (Northern)
  • Washed Out Trailers (Northern)

How to Spawn Moose

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©Killing a Moose will produce almost 45 kilograms of carry weight between meat, guts, and the hide. Plan accordingly.

It’s important to note that just because a spawn point is listed above doesn’t mean you will get a Moose on your instance. Look for the tree rubs where possible. If they are present, one will eventually spawn, but don’t camp the area. Ensure you are entering an interior (or leaving the region) and coming back to check. If you setup camp right where the Moose should spawn, you’re unlikely to ever see it. If you do see one, take it down because it could vanish at any point and not return for days.

How to Hunt a Moose

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©Staying safe while hunting Moose is key, making the Rifle a great option for longer shots from elevated positions.

The most effective way to hunt a Moose in The Long Dark is to find a safe place to shoot from. Go with a Survival Bow or Rifle and try to land shots to its body or neck. Moose, unlike every other animal in the game that can survive a bullet or arrow, do not bleed out. You will need to continue to land shots until it drops. The higher your Rifle Skill or Bow Skill, the less shots it should theoretically take. If you’re lucky, you will land a critical shot and the Moose will drop immediately.

Now that you know the Moose locations in The Long Dark, as well as a few tips for spawning them into your game and hunting them effectively, get out there and drop one. Just be sure to check out our guides for The Long Dark. You’ll be glad you did.