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Having trouble getting the Last Resort Cannery map icon to show up for Faithful Cartographer?

My favorite achievement in all of gaming has to be Faithful Cartographer. I’ve visited nearly 200 locations in The Long Dark and mapped them out, rewarding my exploration of the many regions in the game. Unfortunately, with so many locations to map, one or two are bound to be a bit buggy. Here’s exactly where you need to stand to successfully map the Last Resort Cannery in the Bleak Inlet region.

Last Resort Cannery Faithful Cartographer

When you visit the Last Resort Cannery in Bleak Inlet, you’re bound to get the location notification as you navigate through the obstacle course to the Warehouse. I got mine standing on top of a trailer. However, you won’t have success trying to map the Last Resort Cannery when notified that you’re there. The location trigger, which is what pops up to tell you where you are in the game, is not where you need to stand to successfully map the icon.

To map the Last Resort Cannery icon, stand outside the main gate of the compound in the front driveway. There can and will be Timberwolves here, so consider dealing with them before you try. Once you map it, check that it worked and shows the icon on your in-game map, then get to safety if you haven’t already cleared the area. If you’re struggling, the screenshot above shows precisely where to stand to make this work.

After successfully mapping the Last Resort Cannery, take time to enjoy this location, including the ability to craft ammunition. However, your mapping troubles aren’t over. The Frozen Delta is an even bigger pain than this to map. Click the link to that guide for precise instructions to another wonky location required for Faithful Cartographer. After that, check out the rest of our guide content for The Long Dark.

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