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Here’s how to use the Bear Spear in The Long Dark, keeping you from being mauled and turned into lunch.

The Long Dark is a game that’s been evolving consistently for years now, and one of the more interesting additions was the Bear Spear. As of the time of this guide, the Bear Spear can only be used in Wintermute, the game’s story mode. If you’re struggling with how to use it, let us help you, friend.

How to Use the Bear Spear

Players must equip the Bear Spear before they can use it. This can be done with the number keys on PC, or with the radial menu on any platform. With the Bear Spear equipped there will be an on-screen prompt that shows the applicable button to use it.

  • PC: Left Mouse Button
  • PS4: R2
  • Xbox One: Right Trigger

Hold the applicable button for your platform and notice a stamina gauge in the bottom right corner of the screen. When that runs out, you can no longer hold the spear in a defensive manner. The key is to be holding the applicable button as a Bear is about to tackle you. To do this, wait for the Bear the stand on its two hind legs. When it begins to charge at you, hold the applicable button to take a defensive stance and ready the Bear Spear. The Bear will impale itself on the spear, at which point a mini game begins and players must quickly press the appropriate button.

  • PC: Left Mouse Button
  • PS4: X
  • Xbox One: A

Press the button as fast as possible to fill the bar and fight off the Bear. If you do this quickly enough you should only take minimal condition loss and damage to your clothing. It’s also worth noting that if you’re playing Episode 2 of Wintermute, Luminance Fugue, each encounter with the Old Bear where you need to fight it off will require three successful attacks.

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Truthfully, using the Bear Spear isn’t difficult at all, but players tend to make mistakes when their hearts and pumping and they’re stressed out, like during Bear attacks. Stay calm and follow our instructions and you’ll be just fine, but you might want to read more of our guides for The Long Dark to be sure.

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