How to Get Scrap Lead – The Long Dark

How to Get Scrap Lead – The Long Dark

Scrap Lead is one of the required materials for players to make ammunition in The Long Dark. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

Scrap Lead is one of the latest materials to arrive in The Long Dark. Part of the Errant Pilgrim update, it’s required to craft a Bullet (x6), which can then be used to craft Revolver Ammunition and Rifle Ammunition. The problem is most players are still unfamiliar with how to get their hands on it, but that’s what we’re here to help you with today.

Scrap Lead

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Players can obtain Scrap Lead by harvesting a Car Battery with a Hacksaw. Car Batteries are found under the hoods of some vehicles, but not all. If the hood of a vehicle can be lifted, look under it for a Car Battery that can be removed. Be careful, though, as a single Car Battery weighs 15 kg, which is half of the default carry weight in The Long Dark. It’s best to bring a Hacksaw with you and harvest the Car Battery while you sit inside the car, protected from the elements and wildlife. Each harvested Car Battery will yield six pieces of Scrap Lead. The six pieces will weigh 3 kg on their own, so keep an eye on your carry weight.

The next problem is knowing where to find vehicles that can be searched. One of my favorite maps to do this is Mountain Town. I was able to find no less than five Car Batteries during my travels. Since I didn’t have a Hacksaw at the time, I removed the batteries and placed them on the roofs of the vehicles so I could return later and easily spot the vehicles I needed to visit. If you’re not familiar with Mountain Town, you can check out each of The Long Dark maps to make your life easier.

If you’re at the point in your current Survival mode run where you need to craft ammunition with Scrap Lead, you are likely at the end game. That can get a bit boring, so consider checking out some of our custom challenges in The Long Dark to keep you busy. You can also browse through all our content for The Long Dark and see what we’ve been up to.