How to Enable Auto Walk – The Long Dark

How to Enable Auto Walk – The Long Dark

Learn how to enable Auto Walk in The Long Dark and start surviving with hands-free mode.

Players of The Long Dark have been asking for the Auto Walk feature for years, and it recently came to the game in the interest of accessibility. As a result, players are scrambling to learn how it works on their platform of choice, including the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

Auto Walk

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To use Auto Walk in The Long Dark players will first need to navigate to Options and Accessibility. From there, scroll to the bottom of the menu to find an Auto Walk option that’s turned off by default. Start by turning this option on and saving the settings.

Next, back out to the main Options menu and look to the bottom. On PC it will be Key Bindings, but on a console platform it will be labeled Controls. In there you can find what key or button it’s bound to on your platform.

  • PC: Z
  • Nintendo Switch: Left Stick (Click)
  • PS4: R3 (Click)
  • Xbox One: Left Stick (Click)

It should be noted that on PC, players can change key bindings to fit their own preferences. If Z isn’t your thing, swap it to something that makes sense for you.

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From a gameplay perspective, Auto Walk is a watered down auto pilot. It’s going to go in the direction it’s facing until I tell it to stop. Be cautious not to let your guard down, as walking around the wrong corner and bumping into a wolf will be even worse while hands-free. In The Long Dark, letting your guard down is how you die.

Now that everyone understands how to Auto Walk and has been properly warned about the dangers of it, feel free to check out our other guides for The Long Dark. They might just save your life or, if you’re too late, help you figure out where you went wrong.