Forge Maps and Locations in The Long Dark

Forge Maps and Locations in The Long Dark

Forge locations in The Long Dark are scarce, but we have detailed instructions and maps to help find them.

On lower difficulties, players may never need to visit a forge in The Long Dark. Pilgrim and Voyager tend to just hand you loot as if you were just doing a little online shopping. As you ramp up to Stalker and the dreaded Interloper, though, forge use could become necessary for survival. This can include some custom difficulties depending on a player’s choice of settings. If you’re just getting started in The Long Dark and need to find a forge, we’ve outlined both in-game locations where you can find one.

Forlorn Muskeg Forge Location

forge location forlorn muskeg 1024x576 - Forge Maps and Locations in The Long Dark


There is forge in Forlorn Muskeg, one of The Long Dark’s most unforgiving zones due to its lack of indoor locations. We’ve highlighted it on the map below, but you’ll still have to run a gauntlet of danger to get there. If you’re coming from Mystery Lake, turn left once you enter the Forlorn Muskeg zone and walk around the region in a clockwise direction. You will eventually find the Old Spence Family Homestead, and that’s where you’ll find the forge.

Desolation Point Forge Location

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The second forge in The Long Dark is found in Desolation Point. This zone can be only be accessed from Coastal Highway and the Crumbling Highway, unless of course you spawn in Desolation Point. It can be found out on the ice (which is generally safe) on a ship called The Riken. This one is in the interior of the ship, making it the warmer of the two options. The map above, courtesy of the legendary Whiteberry, shows its exact location.

Broken Railroad Forge Location

broken railroad map the long dark 900x1024 - Forge Maps and Locations in The Long Dark


There’s no giant arrow to show you where the forge is, but it is marked on this map. Head to the Maintenance Shed and you’ll find it inside. This is an odd forge location because you must pass through Forlorn Muskeg to reach it (unless you spawn here), so why not use that one? Well, this forge is indoors, and the region can have some good hunting and loot. In fact, I once stayed in Broken Railroad for 15 days Waiting for a Moose to spawn. You’re pretty much out of things to do here after five days so bring books to read.

Although on lower difficulty levels forges tend to have everything required to do some crafting, it’s a good idea to grab some Coal, Scrap Metal, and a Heavy Hammer before making the trip. These are the three must-have items, although some would add Cloth to that list. Players will also want to consider bringing a lot of fuel for the fire, as my personal trips to the forge in Forlorn Muskeg can last three in-game days and I keep the forge lit the entire time.