How to Beat Buried Stones in Super Mario Maker 2

How to Beat Buried Stones in Super Mario Maker 2

Learn how to beat the clear condition in the Buried Stones course in Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode.

Super Mario Maker 2 is here and there are plenty of levels to complete. Some of these levels have special clear conditions, which can make them rather challenging puzzles. One that might cause players to pause is Buried Stones, a job offered by the sleepy Yellow Toad. The course looks easy, but working out how to beat it with the clear condition is a bit difficult.

How to Beat Buried Stones

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The Buried Stones course requires you to carry a stone to the end.

The Buried Stones job is offered by Yellow Toad, the sleepy little fella to the right of Princess Peach’s castle. He will begin offering jobs once he wakes up, at which point he will ask you to complete Buried Stones.

To clear the Buried Stones level in Super Mario Maker 2, players must carry a stone through the finish line. Actually finding a stone can be tricky, unless of course you know what to look for. Near the start of the level is a stone stuck in the wall, it’s this stone that must be taken to the end.

The trick to getting the stone is rather simple: use Yoshi. A bit further down the track is a Yoshi egg that spawns a Yoshi. Ride Mario’s dinosaur friend back to the stone and use his tongue ability to grab the stone through the wall.

From here, continue until you reach a vertical wall of stones with bouncy notes on the ground. You will need to drop the stone and then jump over the wall. Once on the other side, use Yoshi’s grab ability to pull the stone through the wall.

Now just run through the finish line to complete the Buried Stones course in Super Mario Maker 2! The real challenge of this level is learning how the various mechanics work. For those who are unfamiliar with some Mario games, it might not be clear that Yoshi can grab objects through walls. However, now that knowledge is acquired, it can be used to help solve other similar puzzles in other courses.