Where to Find Diamonds – Subnautica

Where to Find Diamonds – Subnautica

Diamonds can be found in many locations in Subnautica, but the trick is to find a spot where they’ve got a higher chance of spawning.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but really they’re what everyone wants to find in Subnautica. Knowing where to find diamonds in Subnautica is going to mean the difference between making big technological advancements and staying stuck on the watery planet. Whether you’re in the early game or late game, we’ve got the details on where you can get this precious carbon-based gem.

Where to Find Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the rarest materials in Subnautica. This precious gem is used in multiple blueprints which are crafted using the Fabricator, Habitat Builder, Mobile Vehicle Bay, and Vehicle Upgrade Console.

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Diamonds can appear in big veins like this in Subnautica or in little bits of shale.

Before you can begin making all these items and upgrades, you need to know where to get them. First of all, diamonds are found in shale outcrops. These gray lumps of rock are found attached to the surface of the ocean and might also contain gold and lithium.

As for the areas you might find diamond, one of the best early-game locations is the Mushroom Forest. This is a relatively easy biome to reach as it’s only around the 200 meter depth. It’s also visually unique! In saying this, finding the shale is going to be tough as it’s a little gray mass.

For those players in the late-game of Subnautica, finding diamonds is going to be just as important. Thankfully, the Lost River is one place where you can find diamonds rather easily. A deeper area like this also has a chance to spawn diamond veins, which are far easier to see and are guaranteed to contain diamonds.

Now that you know where to find diamonds in Subnautica, you can get back to upgrading your equipment. Make sure you’re also familiar with the Cyclops controls so you don’t get stuck in a compromising position with no means of escape! For more helpful guides, check out the Guide Stash archive page for information on all the latest blockbuster games and indie titles.