How to Go Up and Down in the Cyclops – Subnautica

How to Go Up and Down in the Cyclops – Subnautica

Learn the Cyclops controls in Subnautica like how to go up and down to reach new depths of the ocean.

Subnautica, a game about exploring the depths of the ocean, can often be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to the Cyclops controls. This underwater exploration device can go up and down, float higher or lower, basically, it can descend into the depths of the water, provided you know the buttons. And this is where some players run into trouble.

How to Go Up and Down – Cyclops controls

The Cyclops is going to be one of the biggest vehicles you can create in Subnautica. This huge underwater vessel lets you descend to all new depths. For a while, you’ve likely been swimming around the 900 meter mark, but with the Cyclops you’ll be able to reach the lowest points in the ocean.

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The Cyclops controls aren’t available in game, so knowing how to go up and down is difficult without mashing your keyboard.

To actually go up and down in the Cyclops, you must use the Spacebar and C key for PC, the left and right bumper on the Xbox controllers, and the R1 and L1 buttons on the PlayStation 4 controller. These buttons allow you to rise and dive the Cyclops. Without knowing these, you’ll be stuck on the surface!

When you first get the Cyclops, it will only be able to reach depths of 500 meters. However, after a few upgrades, it can reach a maximum depth of 1,700 meters – almost two kilometres below sea level! More than that, it can hold both a Seamoth and a Prawn Suit. This makes it ideal as a tool for not only exploring the ocean depths, but for keeping your valuable vessels nearby.

Now that you know the Cyclops controls for going up and down in Subnautica, you can get back to exploring the depths. Be careful down there, as there are untold dangers. Make sure you take the time to upgrade your Cyclops so you can reach the lowest depths available. Take a look at the Guide Stash guides page for even more helpful resources for every game you’re playing!