Where to Turn in Generous Gifts in Sea of Thieves

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Set sail to the only island in Sea of Thieves where you can turn in Generous Gifts and Humble Gifts.

Generous Gifts have been washing up on the shores of Sea of Thieves and it’s leaving pirates wondering where to turn them in. If you’re looking to make some more doubloons, then you’ll want to find the Generous Gift turn in location. You’ll need to be careful though, as it’s a hotly contested point.

Where to Turn in Generous Gifts

The turn in point for Generous Gifts (and Humble Gifts) is at the Masked Stranger on The Reaper’s Hideout. This is a previously uncharted island near the middle of the map. It can be found at coordinates I-12, which is right by Wanderer’s Refuge. Take the gifts to the Masked Stranger, who is found standing in the center of the area.

With the release of the Festival of Giving update, Generous and Humble Gifts started washing up on shorelines. They were also available for a time from certain voyages. Now that the festival is over, the voyages and commendations are gone but many of the gifts remain.

These gifts won’t reward you with gold. There are plenty of other ways to make gold in Sea of Thieves, so that’s not a worry. Doubloons, however, is the champion here. Doubloons are what you’ll be using to purchase limited-time cosmetics from Duke as well as special voyages.

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The turn in location of Generous Gifts and Humble Gifts is exactly the same. You won’t need to sail to two different islands. For your troubles, Generous Gifts are worth 10 doubloons and Humble Gifts are worth 5 doubloons.

Now that you know where to sell your Generous Gifts in Sea of Thieves, you can focus on collecting as many as possible and making a lot of doubloons! Remember to use those collector chests to ferry them from your ship to the island. And for more pirating tips, check out the Guide Stash Sea of Thieves archive!

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