Where to Deliver and Sell Fish in Sea of Thieves

Where to Deliver and Sell Fish in Sea of Thieves

Here’s where to deliver all those fish you’ve accumulated on your fishing voyages in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves recently released its Anniversary Update on April 30, which introduced fishing, hunting, and cooking to the game. Now that pirates can go fishing to their heart’s desire, it’s important to know what you can do with all those fish. Not only can fish be cooked and eaten in Sea of Thieves, they can also be sold for a decent amount of money. We’ll explain where to sell fish in Sea of Thieves so you can fill your pockets with coin.

Where to Sell Fish in Sea of Thieves

Along with the Anniversary Update came a new Trading Company called The Hunter’s Call. The company is led by a pirate bard named Merrick, who specializes in hunting, cooking, and of course, fishing. Players can sell fish to Merrick and any of the other Hunter’s Call NPCs in exchange for gold. Cooked fish tend to net you more gold and reputation than raw fish, so make sure to stop by a campfire or head to the cooking station on your ship to fry up your catches before selling them.

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When you’re ready to sell a fish to an NPC from The Hunter’s Call Trading Company, select the fish you want to sell from your inventory so that it appears in your character’s hands. Then, simply approach the NPC and interact with them. A prompt should appear allowing you to deliver the fish to the merchant. Press X on the Xbox controller or F on the keyboard to sell your fish.

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Upon selling a fish to one of The Hunter’s Call merchants, you will earn gold and will increase your reputation with the Hunter’s Call Trading Company. You can view your reputation and commendations within the main menu. It’s also worth noting that if a member of your crew sells a fish, it will count for you as well.

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Seapost Locations

Merrick and the rest of his similarly named relatives are posted up at various Seaposts throughout Sea of Thieves. Not to be confused with Outposts, Seaposts are much smaller islets that feature just one NPC merchant. We’ve listed each of the eight Seaposts in Sea of Thieves below based on the region they are found in. We’ve included the grid location as well.

  • The Shores of Plenty
    • The Spoils of Plenty Store (B-7)
    • The North Star Seapost (H-10)
  • The Ancient Isles
    • The Finest Trading Post (F-17)
    • Stephen’s Spoils (L-15)
  • The Wilds
    • Three Paces East Seapost (S-10)
    • The Wild Treasures Store (O-4)
  • The Devil’s Roar
    • Brian’s Bazaar (Y-12)
    • Roaring Traders (U-20)

When you’re short on cash, locate one of The Hunter’s Call merchants at a Seaport and then look for a decent fishing spot nearby. Grab some bait and catch a few fish while you’re near the merchant. This is a quick way to earn some extra gold without having to travel very far.

If you haven’t figured out how to fish yet, head on over to our guide on how to go fishing in Sea of Thieves to learn how to get started. Be sure to check back here for more Sea of Thieves seafaring tips.