How to Get Curses in Sea of Thieves

How to Get Curses in Sea of Thieves

Unlock some of the curses in Sea of Thieves to change the appearance of your pirate in unique and interesting ways.

Curses are a new addition to Sea of Thieves with the Anniversary Update and unlocking one takes a bit of work. Getting one of these highly coveted curses should be a goal for any player looking to change’s their pirate’s appearance. While they take a bit of effort to acquire, the process isn’t too difficult.

How to Get Curses

Unlocking curses in Sea of Thieves is tied directly to specific activities. Two curses that players will no doubt want to try and unlock are the Curse of the Order and Shores of Gold Curse. These two curses are rewarded for completing certain parts of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale.

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The Curse of the Order is one of a few curses in Sea of Thieves. Use it to change how your pirate looks.

To unlock the Curse of the Order, you will need to complete The Cursed Rogue five times. Highlight the rewards on the Cursed Rogue page to see the curse reward. This is by far the easiest curse to unlock, as it only requires playing this one, short voyage. If you’re struggling with this one, check out our guide on how to defeat Briggsy, as this fight is rather challenging. Equipping the Curse of the Order makes ink run from your eyes.

Unlocking the Shores of Gold Curse is going to take a lot of time. To get this curse, you must complete every single commendation found in the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. This means completing each voyage five times, and finding all the journals. For players that want to unlock this specific curse, you will need to dedicate a lot of play time. It could be worth focusing on the voyages that take the most time and saving the easiest ones for last. Equipping the Shores of Gold Curse turns your pirate’s body to gold.

As Rare adds more curses to Sea of Thieves expect to spend a bit of time unlocking them. There are countless opportunities for different curses, including skeletons, mermaids, animal life, as well as other trading companies. For now though, there are just the two curses to unlock.