How to get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves

How to get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves so you can purchase something from the Pirate Emporium, the new premium store.

Getting Ancient Coins is going to be the main focus for a lot of Sea of Thieves players. This new premium currency is used to purchase items from the new Pirate Emporium shop. If you want to deck out your ship in a fancy new set, bring an animal companion along for a voyage, or express yourself with new emotes, you’ll need to get some Ancient Coins.

How to get Ancient Coins

Ancient Coins is the new premium currency to hit Sea of Thieves. There are a few ways to get this new currency, but the most popular means of acquiring a stack will be to use real-world money. So your options are:

  • Purchase through Sea of Thieves/Microsoft Store for real money
  • Find and kill Ancient Skeletons
  • Redeem Bing rewards for gift cards

Ancient Coin prices

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The prices for Ancient Coins varies between regions.

The first one is obvious. Using your real-world money, you can purchase different amounts of Ancient Coins which are then used to purchase the cosmetics. The Ancient Coin prices vary, but the larger the bundle, the better value for your money.

Kill Ancient Skeletons

Another method, though not remotely guaranteed, is to kill Ancient Skeletons. This is a new type of skeleton that has been added to Sea of Thieves with the Smuggler’s Fortune update. These blue and gold skeletons dig out of the ground and run from you, and if you kill them before they disappear, you’ll get a nice supply of Ancient Coins.

Unfortunately, these skeletons are entirely random and quite rare, so don’t rely on these. If you do manage to kill one, reports are that you’ll receive 100 or so of the new premium currency. Not enough to buy anything, though it’s a nice bump to your wallet.

Bing rewards

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By using the Bing search engine, you can earn points toward a reward like an Xbox gift card, which can be used on Ancient Coins.

The final way to get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves is a little lengthy but perfect for those who don’t mind a bit of time investment. Microsoft’s search engine Bing has a reward program. Each search you do, you will receive some points, earn enough points and you can redeem them for an Xbox gift card. This gift card can then be used to purchase a stack of Ancient Coins.

As mentioned, this is a long-term investment option. You will need to amass 5,000 points to redeem a gift card, and you can only earn 30 points a day. This equates to roughly 160 days of searches. This is an excellent option for those who are willing to wait and who are looking to save a few dollars. Shout out to Reddit user Gerald_Yankensmier for bringing this strategy to our attention.

Getting Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves is pretty easy. You can purchase them from the Pirate Emporium for real-world money, earn them from killing Ancient Skeletons, or even buy them with an Xbox gift card through Bing rewards. No matter your financial position, there’s an option for you. Check out Guide Stash’ Sea of Thieves page for more guides and strategies!