How to Find the Kraken in Sea of Thieves

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Learn how to find the kraken in Sea of Thieves so you can unlock commendations, earn doubloons, get some bounty, and collect some rare meat!

Finding the kraken in Sea of Thieves can be a bit tough, as it’s a rather elusive creature. However, if you know how the world of Sea of Thieves works, you can improve your chances of finding the kraken, killing it, and claiming the loot and meat that it drops.

What is the Kraken?

For those who are a bit unfamiliar with Sea of Thieves, the kraken is a randomly-spawning creature. This monster spawns in the water, turning the surrounding ocean into black ink, and rising huge tentacles out from the depths.

The tentacles will wrap around your ship, and if left unopposed, will strangle it, popping boards and causing your ship to fill with water. Any tentacle that’s not attacking your ship will try and suck you off of the boat and into its mouth. Once in the mouth, it will keep you trapped and try to drown you in the water.

Destroying a tentacle drops precious loot and meat, and killing enough tentacles will kill the kraken. To actually destroy a tentacle, you must fire upon it with your cannons, chop at it with your cutlass, or shoot it with your Eye of Reach, Flintlock pistol, or Blunderbuss.

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How to Find the Kraken

Because the kraken is a randomly-spawning monster, it can be difficult to find. However, just because it’s random, does not mean you have no recourse to improve your chances of finding one. Firstly, the kraken will not spawn under the following conditions:

  • Won’t spawn near islands
  • Won’t spawn when there is a skull fort active
  • Won’t spawn when there is a fleet of skeleton ships active

The first point is easy to understand: when you are anchored near the shoreline of an island, there is not enough room for the kraken to spawn and catch you.

The last two points are a bit more complicated, especially for newer players. Sometimes in the sky can be a skull cloud or a cloud that looks like a ship. The skull cloud hovers over an active skeleton fort while the ship cloud hovers over a fleet of skeleton ships. When either of these clouds are in the sky, a kraken will not spawn.

Ergo, whenever these clouds disappear, the kraken is in play. What this means is that if you’re hunting the kraken for commendations, meat, or treasure, you should keep your eyes trained to the skies. As soon as you see these clouds disappear, immediately start sailing through deep water. If you’re lucky, the kraken will attack your ship.

You can obviously “clear” the skull or ship clouds out of the sky by traveling to where they are and completing the skeleton fort or defeating the fleet of skeleton ships.

Hopefully these tips should help you work out how to find the kraken in Sea of Thieves. Keep these in mind as you sail around and you should have all the commendations completed in no time. For more tips and tricks, check out Guide Stash’s Sea of Thieves page!

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