All Lantern Colors in Sea of Thieves

All Lantern Colors in Sea of Thieves

Learn how to get all the lantern colors in Sea of Thieves so you can unlock commendations, doubloons, and style your ship.

Changing the color of your lanterns is just one way to customize your ship in Sea of Thieves. This splash of color was added with the Festival of the Damned event back in October of 2018. Since then, players have been collecting all the lantern colors to spruce up their vessels and unlock some doubloons.

All Lantern Colors

There are a total of six colors you can collect for your lantern in Sea of Thieves. This does not include the base color, which is an orange color. To get one of the different hues, you must die in a specific way:

  • Green – Killed by a skeleton
  • Purple – Killed by a snake’s poison
  • Pink – Killed by another pirate
  • Blue – Killed by a shark
  • Red – Killed by a volcano eruption
  • White – Killed by lightning strike

Getting the green, purple, pink, and blue colors are pretty easy. If anything, they will just take a bit of time. Collecting the last two, red and white, are the most difficult and time-consuming.

For white, you will need to prepare your health a bit so you die in a single lightning strike. To do this, climb your mast and jump off until you’re on a sliver of health. Now, sail into a storm and stand on your ship. If your health is low enough a single lightning strike should kill you. Check out our guide on how to get struck by lightning if you’re having trouble.

As for the red color, this one takes a bit of luck. You will need to go to the Devil’s Roar and wait around a volcano. Nearly all the islands have one. It can be a good idea to keep your ship at a safe distance so it doesn’t get hit and sink while you’re respawning.

How to Change Lantern Color

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Hold your lantern up at the Well of Fates and press the button to change lantern colors.

Once you die in the correct manner, you must still get the lantern color. This is accomplished on the Ferry of the Damned. When you die and get transported to the ferry, go to the center of the ship to the Well of Fates.

Pull out your lantern and hold it up. Press the button associated with “take flame” to turn your lantern’s flame into the color corresponding with how you died.

From here, you can go to the lanterns on your ship and press the button associated with “set flame”. Doing this will change your ship’s lantern color. For one of the commendations, you will need to have every possible color. It’s a good idea to have the difficult-to-acquire colors (white and red) on two lanterns, just in case someone changes the wrong lantern.

Collecting all the lantern colors in Sea of Thieves isn’t too hard, but a bit of luck can be required. Try starting out by collecting the two difficult ones first, lest you lose your ship to an eruption. Sail over to the Guide Stash Sea of Thieves page for more guides and tips.