Yarrow Location – Red Dead Redemption 2

Yarrow Location – Red Dead Redemption 2

Make sure you keep plenty of Yarrow on hand to replenish your health in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is vast and filled with different species of plants. Players may need to harvest a certain plant when the Daily Challenge calls for it in Red Dead Online. One plant that players may need to find is the Yarrow plant. Here is the Yarrow location in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Yarrow Location

Yarrow Map 1024x576 - Yarrow Location – Red Dead Redemption 2

Completing Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online is a great way to explore the area and obtain some much-needed gold. One plant that players will need to harvest when it comes around is the Yarrow plant. Yarrow can be easily recognized by the long thin stems and red cluster of flowers. This plant can be found in the grasslands and open forest areas in New Hanover and Lemoyne.

With Yarrow covering most of the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, this guide will focus one area in particular. Once you open your map, head to Valentine and head south of the second N on the map. Heading to the spot on the map above and using your Eagle Eye, you will spot some Yarrow to harvest.

From the first spot you picked Yarrow, head further south just a little until you run into another batch of flowers. Harvest these flowers and head east across the railroad track to finish collecting the rest of the Yarrow you need. After harvesting six Yarrow plants you will complete Herbalist Challenge 1.

Yarrow is used to replenish the player’s Health Core and can be used to craft Potent Health Cure, Special Health Cure, Special Miracle Tonic, and Horse Ointment. It is always good to keep some Yarrow on hand to craft these tonics to keep your health in check. Stay tuned to Guide Stash and the Red Dead Redemption 2 archives for more guides and news.