Virginia Opossum Location – Red Dead Online

Playing dead is one of the only good qualities of the Virginia Opossum in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

These creatures may not yield a lot of goods, but there are several reasons to hunt the Virginia Opossum in Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Online. Here is a reliable Virginia Opossum location for those who desperately need to find one.

Virginia Opossum Location

During your time in Red Dead Online you may encounter a Daily Challenge that requires you to skin two Virginia Opossum. The Daily Challenge will read 0/2 Virginia Opossum skinned.  The biggest challenge you will have is locating this animal.

Players will need to head north of Bacchus Station near where it says Donner Falls on the map. While Opossum are normally nocturnal animals, you will be able to find these creatures during the day. Just like the true nature of Opossums, these animals will play dead when you approach them. This makes them easy prey for you to kill them and skin them.

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The weapon you will want to use is the Varmint Rifle as it will not ruin the quality of the hide. Opossums will yield you Opossum Fur, Stringy Meat, and Opossum Caracas if you choose to keep the carcass.  The Opossum Fur, Stringy Meat, and Opossum Carcass can be sold at any Butcher in Red Dead Online or given to Cripps at your camp. You may not get a lot of money, but every bit helps. In the Story Mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, the Virginia Opossum is used in multiple crafting recipes, but only three-star animals need apply.

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