Robin Location – Red Dead Online

Robin Location – Red Dead Online

Robin locations are everywhere in Red Dead Online, but try looking here if you're striking out.

Robins are one of the many types of birds you will find in the world of Red Dead Online. Robins can be found in a few locations and are needed to complete the Daily Challenge when it arrives. This guide will show you the Robin location in Red Dead Online and will help you complete the challenge.

Robin Location

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Completing Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online can reward you nicely. This challenge requires the player to hunt certain animals. This challenge requires the player to kill and hunt Robins.

Killing a Robin will gain you a Robin Feather, Flight Feather, Gamey Bird Meat, and a Robin Carcass. Gamey Bird Meat can be cooked and consumed, while the Feathers can be used for crafting. Robins can be found virtually everywhere in Red Dead Online. One area, in particular, can spawn several Robins in the same location.

Players will need to head just northwest of Annesburg and keep along either side of the Kamassa River. Robins like to sit on top of rocks that are located along the river, so you will want to approach them carefully. The best weapon to use is the bow with Small Game Arrows, so you can keep the quality the highest on your kill.

After collecting your Robin, make sure to keep any Flight Feathers you receive. Flight Feathers are used to make various arrows for your bow. Once you have collected your kill, make sure to check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 archives for more content.