Red Sage Location – Red Dead Online

Red Sage Location – Red Dead Online

One spot in Red Dead Online will have all the Red Sage you need.

Plants in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be found all throughout the Wild West. Some plants will need to be harvested to complete daily challenges in Red Dead Online. One plant that may show up for you to harvest is Red Sage. This guide will show you the Red Sage location in Red Dead Online.

Red Sage Location

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Plants and herbs have many uses in Red Dead Redemption 2 for yourself and your horse. They are used in cooking or crafting tonics that aid in recovering health or stamina. Red Sage is recognized by its long stem, red flowers, and leafy base. It can found among grass and forests in and around Rio Bravo and New Austin.

The daily challenge “0/5 Red Sage picked” is one of the many challenges players may come across in Red Dead Online. Luckily, one location has all five, so you won’t have to travel too far out of the way to pick them.

Just south of Armadillo and east of Mercer Station is where you will want to go to find Red Sage. Facing the road will be three Red Sage plants that you can consume, or in this case pick to complete the daily challenge. The last two are across the road, so you won’t have to go very far.

Red Sage will help replenish your Stamina Core when consumed and can be crafted into Bitters for your horse. It’s important to replenish your stamina to keep yourself or your horse running in situations that call for it. Now that you know where Red Sage is located and have worked up an appetite for something to eat, make sure you check out our Alpine Goat location guide and get some gristly mutton to tame your hunger.