Hawk Location – Red Dead Online

Hawk Location – Red Dead Online

You won't need to swoop down from the sky to find this bird in Red Dead Online.

Hawks are one of the coolest birds ever to exist. They are also one of the many birds you will encounter in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Hawks can be found in several locations and are part of the rotating Daily Challenges. This guide will show you a few of the hawk locations and help you complete the challenge.

Hawk Location

Rathskeller Fork 1024x576 - Hawk Location – Red Dead Online


Red Dead Redemption 2 has included almost every animal you can think of. One of the animals you will encounter on your journey will be the Hawk. There are three different Hawk species, the Ferruginous hawk, the Red-Tailed Hawk, and the Rough-Legged Hawk. Any of the hawks will do when the Daily Challenge “0/1 Hawks killed” shows up. The type of loot you will receive from a Hawk will be Hawk Feathers, Flight Feathers, Gamey Bird Meat, and a Hawk Carcass. These items can be used for crafting arrows or sold to a butcher in town.

Hawks can be found throughout the Red Dead Redemption 2 world, but a few locations will yield more encounters than others. Players will need to make their way to New Austin and head north of Tumbleweed to Rathskeller Fork. Players will find a small farm consisting of several buildings. Sitting on top of these buildings is where you will find hawks. Another place you can find Hawks is at Venter’s Place just south of Armadillo. Just like at Rathskeller Fork, the Hawk will be sitting on top of the building. The weapon recommended to kill Hawks is the Varmint Rifle, as it is just powerful enough not to decrease the value of the animal carcass.

Now that you know where to find Hawks, make sure you stop and find the Banded Armadillo since you are in the area. Check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 archive for even more guides and news.