Geese Location – Red Dead Online

Geese Location – Red Dead Online

Geese can be found in abundance at this location in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Geese are one of the many types of birds you will find in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2. These birds can only be found in a few locations and must be hunted when the Daily Challenge arrives. This guide will show you the Geese location in Red Dead Online and will help you complete the challenge associated with them.

Geese Location

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Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online are a way of gaining experience, gold, and money. Some challenges require the player to pick certain plants, visit certain locations, and hunt certain animals. One challenge in particular, “0/2 Geese skinned”, requires the player to find and kill geese.

Killing and skinning a goose will reward players with Plump Meat and Feathers. Plump Meat can be cooked and consumed, while the Feathers can be used for crafting. Geese are found in the grasslands of The Heartlands and Lemoyne. One location in particular has several geese in one spot, so killing two of them won’t be difficult.

Players will need to head to the mouth of the Dakota River near Bard’s Crossing. You can find this location just east of Riggs Station or west of Flatneck Station. Since the goose is a small size bird, you will want to equip your Varmint Rifle.  The Varmint Rifle will ensure you get the best quality kill.

After skinning and plucking your geese, you may receive a Flight Feather from your hard work. Flight Feathers are used to make various arrows for your bow, so it is good to have plenty on hand. Once you have collected your kill, make sure you have room for some Red Sage to go with your Plump Meat. Make sure to check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 archives for more content.