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Here is the dam Beaver location in Red Dead Redemption 2.

On daily reset in Red Dead Online, players may be tasked with the hunting challenge “0/3 North American Beavers killed.” This guide will show you the Beaver location in Red Dead Online to help complete this daily challenge.

Beaver Location

Not all animals in Red Dead Redemption 2 pose a threat to your safety. One animal in particular you will not have to worry about is the Beaver. While Beavers may be hostile toward you and can bite you, this will not have an effect on your health.

Beavers are scattered throughout the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 and will be found in or around rivers. This guide will focus on two locations very close to each other to maximize your chances of running into as many Beavers as possible.

Players will want to start in Strawberry and head southwest towards the Upper Montana River. Set your marker on the two small islands on the map of the Upper Montana River just south of the “R” in Strawberry. The next location is the Owanjila Dam, which lies just west of Strawberry and north of the Upper Montana River Beaver location. Remember, you will need to have three Beavers killed to complete the daily challenge.

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The best weapon to use for a clean kill is the Varmint Rifle. This will ensure that no pelt integrity is lost. Skinning a Beaver will reward you with the following:

  • Beaver Fur
  • Animal Fat
  • Scent Glands
  • Stringy Meat

Players can also collect the Beaver Carcass if they have not skinned the dam animal. Once you have completed the “0/3 North American Beavers killed” challenge, be sure to check out our Cougar location guide as you will be close to the dangerous animal. Stay tuned to our Red Dead Redemption 2 archives for more content.

*No digital animals were harmed in the writing of this guide.

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