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The American Ginseng can be yours for the picking in Red Dead Redemption 2 if you know where to look.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is abundant with various plants that can be used to make tonics and help complete various challenges in Red Dead Online. One of those plants you’ll need to locate to complete a daily challenge is American Ginseng. This guide will help you find the American Ginseng location in Red Dead Online.

American Ginseng Location

American Ginseng is one of the many plants you will need to craft items. Sometimes one of the daily challenges may even involve harvesting this plant. The American Ginseng is a medicinal plant that is used in crafting several different health tonics including the Potent Miracle Tonic and Special Horse Reviver.

American Ginseng plants can be identified by their large palmate leaves, smooth stems, and small clusters of red berries. This plant is native to forests and moist areas spanning from West Elizabeth to the edges of New Hanover. There is one specific area perfect for picking American Ginseng in Red Dead Online.

Southwest of Valentine and west of Caliban’s Seat, there are several locations containing American Ginseng. Sitting just across the road from Downes’ Ranch is a big rock near the cliff. Walk on the left side of it to find your American Ginseng.

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Make sure you are using your Eagle Eye as American Ginseng can be difficult to spot if it’s in the shadow of a tree or a large rock. Traveling north and south on the east side of Downes’ Ranch is where more American Ginseng can be found.

Now that you know where American Ginseng is located in Red Dead Online, you may be curious as to where you can find other plants and small game. Our Red Dead Redemption 2 archive is a great place to find more helpful guides as you travel.

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