Alpine Goat Location – Red Dead Online

Alpine Goat Location – Red Dead Online

The Alpine Goat in Red Dead Redemption 2 lives a domesticated life. Here is where you can find them.

Goats in Red Dead Online aren’t just a farm animal that can be overlooked. These domesticated animals will need to be killed when the animal hunting Daily Challenge arrives. This guide will show you the Alpine Goat location in Red Dead Online.

Alpine Goat Location

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Daily Challenges vary between picking certain plants, feeding your horse, or hunting specific animals. One challenge requires players to find and kill the Alpine Goat. Luckily, they are easy to locate and even easier to kill.

Goats are typically known for their ability to eat anything in site, but that’s not the case for Alpine Goats in Red Dead Online. The most dangerous thing a goat can do to a player is ram them if they get too close. I can attest to this, since I was rammed while getting a picture of this majestic creature.

To locate an Alpine Goat, you will want to head to Emerald Ranch in New Hanover and pay a visit to the stables. Attached to the stables is a pen with several animals in it. The smallest pen houses two Alpine Goats ripe for the taking.

Another place you can find an Alpine Goat is just east of the Emerald Ranch stable, in the woods near a cabin. Here you will only find one Alpine Goat wandering around outside of the cabin. Keep in mind that you will lose a little Honor for slaughtering these domesticated animals.

The weapons you will want to use are the bow and arrow or the repeater. These two weapons will allow you to get the best quality pelt. Skinning an Alpine Goat will give you gristly meat and a goat hide, which can be used for crafting or consuming. Now that you know the Alpine Goat Location, make sure to check out our Red Dead Redemption archives for more content.