Alaskan Ginseng Location – Red Dead Online

Alaskan Ginseng Location – Red Dead Online

The Alaskan Ginseng can be found in a peculiar location in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is rife with an assortment of plants that are used to complete various challenges in Red Dead Online. Some challenges will require you to pick plants such as the Alaskan Ginseng. This guide will help you find the Alaskan Ginseng location in Red Dead Online.

Alaskan Ginseng Location

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Alaskan Ginseng is a plant you will need to harvest to craft several different items in Red Dead Online. It is one of two species of Ginseng that players can use to craft special health tonics like Potent Miracle Tonic and Special Horse Medicine. Alaskan Ginseng plants are identified by their large palmate leaves, thorny stems, and small red fruits. The cluster of berries growing at the top of the plant make it stand out.

Players can find this type of Ginseng growing across Ambarino and northern West Elizabeth. Luckily, one location is ripe for harvesting, which should make finding Alaskan Ginseng very easy. The location is Chez Porter, just north of Valentine. You will find the Alaskan Ginseng behind the main cabin next to the barn.

For those who have played the main story in Red Dead Redemption 2, you will recognize this place as the home of the Porter Family, the family of highway robbers that isolated themselves and developed their own dialect. After completing your daily challenge and collecting your Alaskan Ginseng, make sure to check the cabins and barn for any items. The items you find will help you along your journey in the Wild West.

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