How to Catch Galarian Slowpoke: Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Slowpoke has finally made his way to the Galar Region. The Galarian Slowpoke can now be yours, but you better act fast.

A somewhat new Pokémon is available to catch in Pokémon Sword and Shield to help get trainers ready for a brand new adventure. This guide will show you how to catch Galarian Slowpoke in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

How to Catch Galarian Slowpoke

One of the original 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region is making its way to Galar and will play a role in the new expansions coming out later this year. Slowpoke won’t be the only surprise awaiting trainers after the new update.

To catch Galarian Slowpoke, trainers will need to head to Wedgehurst Station and meet up with Klara (in Pokémon Sword) or Avery ( in Pokémon Shield). After speaking with Klara or Avery a Galarian Slowpoke will appear and you will be asked to catch it by the ticket taker. The Galarian Slowpoke has wandered in from the Isle of Armor, where trainers will be able to explore June 2020. Another area trainers will be able to explore in Fall 2020 will be The Crown Tundra.

For those looking to evolve Galarian Slowpoke to Galarian Slowking or Galarian Slowbro, you will have to wait until the new expansions as it will require a certain item to evolve. With that in mind, it may be best to wait to level up your Galarian Slowpoke until you are able to.

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Galarian Slowpoke is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon unlike its Kanto form which is a Water and Psychic-type. Galarian Slowpoke will be a great addition to your team and should get you excited for the first expansion pass coming to Pokémon Sword and Shield. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for even more Pokémon Sword and Shield news.

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