Xerneas Raid Counters – Pokémon GO

Xerneas Raid Counters – Pokémon GO

Here are the Pokémon to best counter Xerneas in Pokémon GO.

A brand-new Legendary Pokémon is arriving in Pokémon GO during a special event. Lucky Trainers will be able to catch the Pokémon Xerneas. Before you catch this Legendary you will have to battle it in a Raid. Here are the Xerneas Raid counters in Pokémon GO.

Xerneas Raid Counters

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For months Trainers have been battling the alternate forms of Thundurus, Landorus, and Tornadus. Starting Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. local time the Luminous Legends X event will begin bringing the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas to Tier 5 Raids.

Xerneas first made its appearance in Pokémon X which introduced everyone to the Kalos Region. Xerneas is a Fairy-type Pokémon and should be the most powerful Fairy-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO when it enters the game.

Trainers will need powerful Poison and Steel-type Pokémon or Pokémon with those move types. Below are the Pokémon and move sets you will want to have in your party when facing Xerneas.

  • Roserade: Bullet Seed/Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb/Leaf Storm/Weather Ball
  • Aggron: Iron Tail and Heavy Slam
  • Magnezone: Charge Beam and Flash Cannon
  • Thundurus (Therian Form) Volt Switch/Thunder Shock and Sludge Wave/Thunderbolt
  • Excadril: Mud Shot/Metal Claw and Iron Head
  • Dragalge: Acid and Gunk Shot
  • Metagross: Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash

Any combinations of the mentioned Pokémon above will be great to have. Don’t forget that you can have multiple of the same Pokémon in your party. Trainers will want to make sure to be in a party of five or more. The more people in your party, the easier Xerneas will be to take down.

It is still yet to be seen if Shiny Xerneas will be available to catch when it’s released. Niantic rarely releases the Shiny variant right out of the gate, especially for Legendary Pokémon. It never hurts to keep an eye out for it, though. Stay tuned to Guide Stash and the Pokémon GO archives for more guides and news.