Spotlight Hour November 2022 – Pokémon GO

Spotlight Hour November 2022 – Pokémon GO

These Pokémon will be featured in the Spotlight Hour for November in Pokémon GO.

November has a slew of new Pokémon that will be featured during the weekly spotlight hour. Get your Pokéballs ready for some uniquely themed Pokémon. This guide will tell you what to expect for the Spotlight Hour November 2022 in Pokémon GO.

Spotlight Hour November 2022

November Spotlight Hour - Spotlight Hour November 2022 - Pokémon GO

Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO is a monthly event that features one Pokémon weekly at a specific time. Each Spotlight Hour occurs on Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time. Trainers can expect a featured Pokémon along with a featured bonus. One additional bonus is that some of these Pokémon even feature the shiny variant if it is currently available. Below you will find the dates, Pokémon, and bonuses that will be featured during the month of November.

November 1Duskull2x Stardust CatchingYes
November 8Croagunk2x Catching XPYes
November 15Porygon2x Candy CatchingYes
November 22Petilil2x Transfer CandyNo
November 29Hoothoot2x Evolving XPYes

During this hour, it is a great time to use certain items that will coincide with the bonus. For 2x Catch Candy, use a Pinap Berry to increase candy earned. For 2x Catch and Evolution XP, use a Lucky Egg to increase XP earned. For 2x Catch Stardust, use a Star Piece to increase the amount of Stardust per catch.

Now that you know how to properly prepare for Spotlight Hour November 2022, go ahead and check out all our Pokémon GO archives for all your guide and news needs.