Normal Forme Deoxys Raid Counters – Pokémon GO

Normal Forme Deoxys Raid Counters – Pokémon GO

Enigma Week is getting close in Pokémon GO. Here is the counter for Normal Forme Deoxys.

During Pokémon GO Fest 2020, players completed enough global challenges to achieve the Ultra Unlock bonuses. One of those bonuses involves the Normal Forme Deoxys appearing in Five-Star Raids. Making sure you have the right team is key. Here are the Normal Forme Deoxys Raid Counters.

Normal Forme Deoxys Raid Counters

Deoxy Counters 512x1024 - Normal Forme Deoxys Raid Counters – Pokémon GO


Deoxys is a Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon first introduced in Generation III. Deoxys is a unique Pokémon due to it having several different formes. This guide will focus on the Normal Forme Deoxys since it will be appearing in raids from August 7, 2020, at 1 p.m. to August 14, 2020, at 1 p.m.

Trainers will want to form a team of Dark-type Pokémon or strong Pokémon that know Dark-type moves as Normal Forme Deoxys is weak to them. The counters below will give you a chance of defeating Normal Forme Deoxys.

  • Mewtwo – Psycho Cut/Confusion and Shadow Ball
  • Tyranitar – Bite and Crunch
  • Gengar – Shadow Claw/Hex and Shadow Ball
  • Houndoom – Snarl and Foul Play
  • Rayquaza – Dragon Tail/Air Slash and Outrage
  • Dragonite – Dragon Tail and Outrage

Having multiples of the same Pokémon on your team is acceptable if you don’t have some of the suggestions listed above. I have several high-level Tyranitar that could take the place of others if I needed them to. Keep in mind that Normal Forme Deoxys is a Tier 5 Raid, so make sure you team up with four to seven friends.

After you defeat Normal Forme Deoxys, you will collect your reward and be taken to a screen that will allow you to catch it. Whether this is your first time or not, catching Deoxys and adding it to your ever-growing collection is a great feeling. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for more Pokémon GO content.