Mega Altaria Raid Counters – Pokémon GO

Mega Altaria Raid Counters – Pokémon GO

These Pokémon will make great counters for Mega Altaria in Pokémon GO.

More Mega Pokémon are making their appearance in Pokémon GO. With the list ever-growing, it is great to have Pokémon that can counter them. This guide will tell you the Mega Alraria raid counters in Pokémon GO.

Mega Altaria Raid Counters

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Mega Pokémon made their debut in Pokémon X & Y and have made a big impact during Raids in Pokémon GO. One Pokémon making its Mega debut is Mega Altaria, starting Saturday, May 15, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. local time.

Mega Altaria is a Dragon and Fairy-type Pokémon, so you will need strong Ice, Poison, or Steel-type Pokémon, or Pokémon that know those types of moves. Below you will find a team of Pokémon that fit the criteria needed.

  • Darmanitian: Ice Fang and Avalanche
  • Mamoswine: Powder Snow and Avalanche
  • Weavile: Ice Shard and Avalanche
  • Glaceon: Frost Breath/Ice Shard and Avalanche
  • Lapras: Frost Breath/Ice Shard and Blizzard/Ice Beam
  • Walrein: Frost Breath and Blizzard

You will want to make sure to be in a party of six or more, as Mega Pokémon are extremely strong. You can also use multiple of the same Pokémon in a party to fill spots if you are missing certain counters.

After defeating Mega Altaria, it will revert to its normal Altaria form and Trainers will be rewarded with Mega Altaria Candy. It costs 200 Mega Altaria Candy to transform Altaria to Mega Altaria and be in that form for 8 hours.

Once you have your Mega Altaria, be sure to use it in Raids against other strong type Pokémon. One Pokémon you could use it against is the next Legendary Pokémon Yveltal. Make sure to stay tuned to Guide Stash for more Pokémon GO guides and news.