How to Beat Jessie and James in Pokémon Go

How to Beat Jessie and James in Pokémon Go

Jessie and James have finally shown their faces in Pokémon GO. Time to make them regret it.

Watch out, Trainers. Jessie and James, those rascals from Team Rocket, have arrived in Pokémon Go. If you are lucky enough to spot a rare Meowth balloon floating through the sky, you have the chance to challenge the devious duo to a Pokémon battle. The Meowth balloons spawn randomly in the game, so keep your eyes peeled for them. When you see one, tap on it, and you will get to battle Jessie and James.

Jessie and James Weaknesses

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Still up to no good.

The fight against Jessie and James is interesting because of the choice of Pokémon that they can use, and you also need to fight them back to back, so you really should prepare for trouble and make it double.

  • Ekans and Koffing – Both Ekans and Kogging are Poison-type, so make sure you have Psychic or Ground-types in your squad.
  • Scyther and Sneasel – Scyther is a Bug and Flying-type, so and Electric, Fire, Flying, Rock, or Ice-type will enjoy advantages against it. Sneasel is a Dark and Ice-type, so Bug, Fighting, Fairy, Rock, Steel, and Fire attacks will do extra damage. A Fire-type will do well against both of their Pokémon.
  • Bagon and Beldum – Bagon is  Dragon-type, so it will be weak to Fairy, Ice, and Dragon-type attacks, while Beldum is a Steel and Psychic-type, making it vulnerable to Dark, Ghost, Fire, and Ground attacks.

Risk versus Reward

You need to fight Jessie and James one after the other, so this is a tough fight, but the good news is that if you win, you will get a chance to capture their Shadow Ekans and Shadow Koffing Pokémon. Psychic and Ground types are great for the first round against each of them. Strong Fire-types can easily carry the rest of the fight. You could also use something like a Ryhperior or a Tyranitar if you have them.

It should be noted that what makes this fight difficult is not the Pokémon you will be fighting, but rather the fact that you take them on back to back. If you simply field your toughest Pokémon in your squad, you should be able to handle them pretty quickly.