How to Get the Wizard Zombie in PvZ: Battle for Neighborville

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Here’s how to get your hands on the wicked new Wizard Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville.

It’s March, which means the Luck O’ The Zombie festival is now in full swing in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville. One of the most anticipated parts of this event is the addition of a new playable character class, the Wizard Zombie. Continue reading below to find out how to get the Wizard Zombie in PvZ: Battle for Neighborville.

How to Get the Wizard Zombie

The Wizard Zombie is a brand new playable character in Neighborville. It’s also the first time a new character class has been added to the game. The Wizard is a magical character that offers support for allies through Co-Star mode. Although you may be excited to try out this new character, unlocking the Wizard may take some time depending on how often you play.

The Wizard Zombie is available as the final prize on March’s Luck O’ The Zombie prize map. To get the Wizard, players must earn and spend Prize Bulbs to unlock prizes and reach the end of the prize map. It  should take about 139 Prize Bulbs to reach the Wizard using the most direct route on the map. There are three ways to earn Prize Bulbs in Battle for Neighborville: daily challenges, character challenges, and XP accumulation.

Daily Challenges

One of the quickest ways to earn Prize Bulbs is by completing daily challenges. Two Prize Bulbs are up for grabs each day, and daily challenges reset every 24 hours. Players can earn over 60 Prize Bulbs throughout March via daily challenges alone.

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Character Challenges

There are also character challenges available in the challenge tab of the menu and on the message board in Giddy Park. Four sets of character challenges are available for March. Keys to unlock each set of character challenges are granted each week. Completing a single set of character challenges will reward you with five Prize Bulbs. Finishing all the challenge sets will grant an additional five bulbs, for a total of 10 possible Prize Bulbs from character challenges.

Earning XP

Finally, the most seamless way to earn Prize Bulbs is by simply playing the game and earning XP. There is a Prize Bulb progress bar in the lower left corner of the menu that illustrates how much more XP is needed to earn the next bulb. This method requires you to play the game for a significant amount of time. However, this is the only other way to earn enough Prize Bulbs to reach the Wizard at the end of the prize map.

Save Up for April

While it’s totally possible to earn enough Prize Bulbs to unlock the Wizard Zombie using the methods above, some players simply can’t invest the time required to do so. PopCap has a solution for these players as well. In April, the Wizard Zombie will become available for purchase in Rux’s Emporium, where players can pick him up for 500,000 coins. Although this means having to wait longer to use the Wizard, it’s nice to have direct purchase as an option.

Now that you know how to get the Wizard Zombie in Battle for Neighborville, you’ll cast spells on enemies in no time. Be sure to check out our other Neighborville coverage for more guides and gameplay tips.

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