How to Get Rainbow Stars in PvZ: Battle for Neighborville

Find out how to buy goodies from Rux’s Emporium in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville.

Rux’s Emporium is officially open for business in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville. Rux is an in-game merchant who sells various cosmetic items that rotate every few hours. Unlike the previous game, Rux’s wares in Neighborville can only be purchased using Rainbow Stars. Continue reading to find out how to get Rainbow Stars in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville so you can snag some awesome outfits and expressions from Rux’s shop before they’re gone.

The Prize Map

Lawn of Doom marked the start of month-long events in Battle for Neighborville, with Feastivus being the holiday event for December. At the start of each event, a new prize map becomes available that lasts for the duration of the event. The Prize Map features a series of rewards that are unlocked using Prize Bulbs, which are earned by completing daily challenges and accumulating XP. Rainbow Stars are available on the current Feastivus prize map for December in various quantities.

Although Rainbow Stars do not cost any Prize Bulbs, players will need to earn enough bulbs to reach the circuit containing the Rainbow Stars. The amount of Prize Bulbs you need will vary depending on which circuit path you take. Nevertheless, playing the game and accumulating Prize Bulbs is the most effortless way to get Rainbow Stars in Battle for Neighborville.

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Complete Challenges

Another way to get Rainbow Stars is to complete the full set of weekly challenges that become available at the start of each week. Weekly challenges typically need to be completed while playing in the designated playlist.

Each week, a new multiplayer game mode becomes available in the multiplayer portal, replacing the temporary mode from the previous week. There are three weekly challenges to complete in the game mode, but it’s only the third and final challenge that rewards Rainbow Stars upon completion. This means you will need to complete all three weekly challenges if you wish to earn more Rainbow Stars.

Direct Purchase

Finally, the fastest way to get Rainbow Stars in Battle for Neighborville is by purchasing them with real money. When speaking to Rux, select the Add-Ons tab at the top to view the available Rainbow Star bundles. The cheapest bundle offers 500 Rainbow Stars for $4.99.

Though you may not want to spend money on microtransactions to get cosmetic items from Rux, this may be the only option for some items due to their pricing and availability. The Legendary outfits typically cost 1000 Rainbow Stars. This is more than what the Prize Map and weekly challenges offer combined. It would require weeks or months of saving up Rainbow Stars to earn enough for the most expensive item in Rux’s shop. What’s more, each item sold from Rux is only available for a limited time. Even if you save up your Rainbow Stars, the item you want may be gone in a matter of days or hours.

Now that you know how to get Rainbow Stars in Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville, be sure to check Rux’s shop each time you log in to see what’s in store. Check out our other Battle for Neighborville guides for more gameplay tips.