Will NHL 21 release on PC?

Will NHL 21 release on PC?

PC gaming and hockey enthusiasts are wondering if this will be the year the NHL franchise gets a release on PC.

Will NHL 21 release on PC? That’s a question I’ve asked myself for quite some time. Sure, consoles are a solid way to enjoy some virtual puck, but imagine menu navigation with a mouse and keyboard, or the bump in graphics that inevitably comes with a PC release.

Will NHL 21 release on PC?

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While we don’t have confirmation yet, NHL 21 will almost certainly not release on PC. In a blog post, EA talked about focusing on adding features to NHL 21 as a reason it wasn’t releasing with PS5 or Xbox Series X editions (it will be forward compatible), so it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to put it on PC and skip the next-generation consoles. It’s also hard to say just how many players would jump into some Chel on PC, and if the effort to port the game to that platform makes sense from an ROI (return on investment) perspective.

There’s also no listing for the game on the Amazon website, but there are listings for both the PS4 and Xbox One versions. That’s another solid indication that you won’t be finding NHL 21 on PC this year. Why would Amazon have listings for the PS4 and Xbox One versions and not PC?

Of course, if things change, you’ll be the first to know and this article will be updated. For now, though, I’d be focusing on choosing either the Standard Edition or Ultimate Edition of NHL 21. The Ultimate Edition is likely going to be available early, and the Standard Edition a few days later for those who want to save the cash and don’t mind the wait.

Now that you know NHL 21 is almost certainly not coming to PC, be sure to check out our news section to stay current with everything going on in the world of video games.