How to Solve the Falcon Statue Puzzle – Naraka Bladepoint

How to Solve the Falcon Statue Puzzle – Naraka Bladepoint

Find out how to turn the Falcon Statues at the Salvation Podium to obtain secret treasure in Holoroth.

The latest update for Naraka: Bladepoint introduced Holoroth, a brand new map that consists of five distinct regions. One region, the Salvation Podium, features a hidden puzzle that players can solve to obtain valuable loot. Doing so also completes one of the Plumed Castle exploration quests. This guide will cover the steps involved in solving Holoroth’s Falcon Statue puzzle at the Salvation Podium in Naraka: Bladepoint.

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Salvation Podium Location

The puzzle in question takes place at the Salvation Podium, which is found just south of the Plumed Castle. There are four Falcon Statues located around the center arena of the podium, each facing in different directions. Solving the puzzle involves rotating these statues to face in the correct direction.

Players who solve the Falcon Statue puzzle will be rewarded with a special Morus’ Blessing chest that can contain valuable loot, such as Red Armor. The Salvation Podium tends to be a popular fighting spot, so be sure to come prepared.

Rotate the Falcon Statues

Players must first rotate the four Falcon Statues so that they face the correct direction in order to activate the chest. Attacking the statues will cause them to rotate. There are several clues available beneath the podium itself that reveal the correct direction for each statue.

From the Salvation Podium, look for a set of stairs along the outer edge leading down and away from the arena. At the base of the steps is a large opening that leads to a corridor beneath the arena. Watch out for the spiky roller that comes barreling through the corridor every few minutes, as it can deal significant damage or even kill you.

Match the Arrows

On the inner wall of the underground corridor are four glowing arrows. Each arrow corresponds to the direction of one of the Falcon Statues above. For example, an arrow facing up means the corresponding Falcon Statue would need to face north. The correct orientation of each Falcon Statue is not always the same, so you may have to check the arrows beneath the podium each time to be sure.

Solving the puzzle solo can be tricky, so it may be best to attempt solving the Falcon Statue puzzle alongside teammates in Duos or Trios. One strategy is to have a player communicate the arrow directions from underground, while another rotates the Falcon Statues to speed up the process.

Once each of the Falcon Statues have been rotated to the correct position, a special chest will appear in the center of the arena containing valuable items. While there is a chance for the chest to contain Red Armor, it is still a very rare item and is not guaranteed.

Now that you know how to solve the Falcon Statue puzzle in Naraka: Bladepoint, you have a way to quickly obtain high-tier armor and weapons for your team while playing on Holoroth.