Does Naraka: Bladepoint Have Bots?

Does Naraka: Bladepoint Have Bots?

Here’s what you should know about bots and how they work in Naraka: Bladepoint.

New players diving into Naraka: Bladepoint for the first time may find the opponents in their first matches rather easy to defeat. Aside from giving an ego boost, this may prompt some players to wonder: does Naraka: Bladepoint have bots? Here’s what you need to know about bots in Naraka: Bladepoint and how you can spot a bot during a match.

Does Naraka: Bladepoint Have Bots?

The short answer is yes, Naraka: Bladepoint does have bots in multiplayer across its various game modes. The first online match you play will be filled with bots to help ease you into the game. If you scored surprisingly well during your first match, the bots may be why. You will continue to face bots in your first few matches, though the number of bots should gradually decrease as you become more experienced and skilled.

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Bots are also deployed to populate matches quickly and to prevent players from having to wait a long time during matchmaking. Adding bots ensures that each match starts up within the allotted time, even when there’s a shortage of players. Bots are easy enough to spot in-game, as they will act rather peculiar and seemingly without much strategy. Bots also tend to always be in the default skin of the character as opposed to custom skins or variants.

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