How to Taunt in MultiVersus

How to Taunt in MultiVersus

Find out how to taunt your opponents with your favorite character emotes in MultiVersus.

Many competitive multiplayer games offer taunting as a fun way to goad on your opponents. In MultiVersus, players can express themselves on and off the battlegrounds using taunts that are unique to each character. Whether you’re using a controller or keyboard, this guide will explain how to taunt in MultiVersus on consoles and PC.

How to Taunt in MultiVersus

MultiVersus Taunt Settings 1024x576 - How to Taunt in MultiVersus
Taunts are assigned to the D-pad by default.

To taunt in MultiVersus on Xbox or PlayStation, all you need to do is press one of the directions on the D-pad of your controller. The first taunt will be set to “up” on the D-pad by default. However, taunts can be assigned to the other three directional buttons as well. 

MultiVersus Taunt Settings PC 1024x576 - How to Taunt in MultiVersus
Taunts default to the T and 1 keys on PC.

Players on PC using a keyboard will want to press either T or 1 to taunt in MultiVersus, as these are the default taunt keys. Additional taunts can be assigned to the number keys 2, 3, and 4 as well.

Assigning New Taunts/Emotes

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Taunts and emotes are functionally the same in MultiVersus. Once you have unlocked multiple emotes for a character, those emotes can be assigned as taunts. To change the taunts/emotes for a character, navigate to your Collection and select the character you would like to edit. New taunts can be assigned to the four available boxes under the Emotes section, which correspond to the taunt buttons mentioned above.  

New taunts and emotes can be unlocked by purchasing them directly using Gleamium, the in-game currency for MultiVersus. Taunts are also available as tier rewards throughout the Battle Pass. However, it seems that taunts are only available as rewards in the premium Battle Pass rather than the free one. This means the only way to currently get new taunts in MultiVersus is by paying for them with real money.

Now that you know how to taunt in MultiVersus, you should have no trouble expressing yourself and provoking your opponents during battle. Check out our MultiVersus archives for more gameplay tips.