How to Play Local Co-op in MultiVersus

How to Play Local Co-op in MultiVersus

Find out how to play couch co-op and brawl with your friends in MultiVersus.

Local co-op is a key feature to have in a platform fighting game like MultiVersus. Luckily, there are several multiplayer game modes available in MultiVersus for those looking to play locally. This guide will explain how to play local co-op in MultiVersus so you can set up couch co-op brawls at home.

How to Play Local Co-op

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Playing a local multiplayer match in MultiVersus is as easy as creating a custom match. To set up a local co-op match in MultiVersus, start at the main menu and follow these steps:

  1. Tap Play to open the game modes submenu.
  2. Navigate to the Custom tab at the top.
  3. Select Local Play to create a local co-op match.

Once you reach the character selection screen, you will be able to connect up to three more controllers for your local co-op match. Players can adjust the game mode, ringouts, hazards, and time limit prior to each custom match by selecting the book icon in the upper right corner. Local multiplayer supports 1v1, 2v2, and Free For All game modes.

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Does MultiVersus Have Split-screen Multiplayer?

Couch co-op often implies a split-screen setup in many games. However, the concept doesn’t quite apply in the case of a fighting game like MultiVersus. Since players share the same screen space, there’s really no need to split it.

That’s all there is to playing local co-op in MultiVersus. Be sure to check out our MultiVersus archives for more tips and tutorials, such as how to taunt your opponents.