How to Do All Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11

How to Do All Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11

A full list of controls for how to perform Fatalities with every character in Mortal Kombat 11.

Mortal Kombat 11 is finally here, and one of the first things players will want to know is how to do Fatalities with their favorite fighters. Fatalities are gruesome finisher moves that have become an iconic part of the Mortal Kombat series. Every character has a unique set of Fatalities for players to perform, each with their own specific control scheme. We’ll explain how to pull off all Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11 so that you can finish your opponents.

In Mortal Kombat 11, there are two Fatalities per character. One Fatality is listed for each character from the start, while the other is locked away in the Krypt. While finding it in the Krypt will add the second Fatality to a character’s move list, this step isn’t necessary for performing the Fatality. As long as you know the button pattern, you can pull off all Fatalities in the game.

How to Do Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11

Fatalities can be performed at the end of battle when your opponent’s health has been fully depleted. You will have just a few seconds to input the correct movement pattern to perform a Fatality if you wish.

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Below, we’ve listed the movement inputs for performing each character’s Fatality in Mortal Kombat 11. While forward, back, up, and down will be the same across platforms, actions like front and back punches or kicks will differ depending on the controller you’re using. Note that Close, Mid, and Far refer to the distance/range your character needs to be from your opponent to achieve the Fatality.

Here’s a quick button legend so that you know how to perform punches and kicks on your platform:

  • Front Punch (FP) – X (Xbox); Square (PS4); Y (Switch)
  • Back Punch (BP) – Y (Xbox); Triangle (PS4); X (Switch)
  • Front Kick (FK) – A (Xbox); X (PS4); B (Switch)
  • Back Kick (BK) – B (Xbox); Circle (PS4); A (Switch)

Baraka Fatalities

  • Food for Thought (Close) – Back, Down, Back, BP
  • Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close) –  Back, Forward, Back, FK

Cassie Cage Fatalities

  • I <3 U (Mid) – Down, Down, Forward, BK
  • #GirlPower (Mid) – Back, Down, Down, Back, BP

Cetrion Fatalities

  • Maintaining Balance (Mid) – Back, Down, Forward, Down, BK
  • Good and Evil (Mid) – Back, Down, Back, FK

D’Vorah Fatalities

  • New Species (Close) – Back, Forward, Back, FK
  • Can’t Die (Mid) – Back, Down, Down, BK

Erron Black Fatalities

  • Melted (Mid) – Down, Down, Down, FP
  • Death Trap (Mid) – Down, Forward, Down, BP

Frost Fatalities

  • Ice Sculpture (Close) – Forward, Back, Down, FP
  • The Cyber Initiative (Mid) – Back, Forward, Down, Forward, BK

Geras Fatalities

  • Phasing Through Time (Anywhere) – Back, Down, Down, FK
  • Peeling Back (Close) – Down, Forward, Back, FP

Jacqui Briggs Fatalities

  • Spider Mines (Mid) – Forward, Back, Forward, FK
  • Nothin’ But Neck (Mid) – Back, Forward, Back, BK

Jade Fatalities

  • Bow Before Me (Anywhere) – Down, Down, Forward, Down, BK
  • Pole Dance (Close) – Back, Forward, Down, Forward, FK

Jax Briggs Fatalities

  • Coming in Hot (Close) – Forward, Down, Forward, FK
  • Still Got It (Close) – Back, Forward, Back, Down, FP

Johnny Cage Fatalities

  • Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close) – Forward, Back, Down, Down, BK
  • Who Hired This Guy? (Close) – Forward, Down, Forward, FP

Kabal Fatalities

  • Road Rash (Mid) – Back, Forward, Down, Forward, FK
  • Hooked (Close) – Down, Down, Down, BK

Kano Fatalities

  • Last Dance (Close) – Forward, Down, Down, FP
  • Face Like a Dropped Pie (Close) – Back, Down, Forward, BP

Kitana Fatalities

  • Gore-Nado (Mid) – Down, Down, Down, Down, BP
  • Royal Execution (Mid) – Down, Back, Forward, FP

The Kollector Fatalities

  • For the Kollection (Close) – Down, Down, Down, Down, BK
  • Head Lantern (Close) – Down, Forward, Back, FP

Kotal Kahn Fatalities

  • Totem Sacrifice (Close) – Back, Down, Back, FK
  • Kat Food (Close) – Back, Forward, Back, Forward, FP

Kung Lao Fatalities

  • Headed Nowhere (Close) – Down, Forward, Back, Down, BP
  • Meat Slicer (Close) – Down, Forward, Down, FK

Liu Kang Fatalities

  • Burn Out (Close) – Down, Back, Down, Forward, FP
  • Belly of the Beast (Mid) – Back, Down, Back, Forward, BP

Noob Saibot Fatalities

  • Split Decision (Mid) – Back, Forward, Back, Forward, BK
  • Double Trouble (Close) – Down, Down, Down, FP

Raiden Fatalities

  • Alternating Current (Mid) – Back, Down, Back, FP
  • Direct Current (Close) – Down, Forward, Back, FK

Scorpion Fatalities

  • You’re Next (Far) – Back, Down, Down, FP
  • Chain Reaction (Mid) – Down, Forward, Back, BP

Shao Kahn Fatalities

  • Back Blown Out (Close) – Back, Forward, Down, Down, BP
  • Kahn-Sequences (Close) – Back, Forward, Back, FP

Skarlet Fatalities

  • Bloody Mess (Mid) – Forward, Back, Down, FK
  • Heart Kondition (Mid) – Down, Down, Forward, BK

Sonya Blade Fatalities

  • To the Choppa (Mid) – Down, Forward, Back, BP
  • Supply Drop (Close) – Back, Forward, Down, FK

Sub-Zero Fatalities

  • Ice-Cutioner (Mid) – Forward, Back, Forward, BP
  • Frozen in Time (Mid) – Forward, Down, Forward, BK

To see each of the Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities in action, check out the video below by Gamespot. Check back here for more on Mortal Kombat 11!