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The Fury of El Dorado quest event can easily be started, but Kulve Taroth stands in your way of gold and glory.

Monster Hunter World is full of events for players to partake in. Events will reward players with materials to craft armor or weapons that help them become stronger and take on even tougher monsters. This guide will show you how to start The Fury of El Dorado event quest.

The Fury of El Dorado Event

Monster Hunter World is packed with monsters that vary in size and difficulty. A rule of Monster Hunter life is “the tougher the monster, the harder it is to kill.” The toughest monsters players will encounter are Elder Dragons. Elder Dragons are rare creatures with immense power that have lived since ancient times.

Players will face one such creature in The Fury of El Dorado event called Kulve Taroth. To start this event you will need to head to the Gathering Hub and select the Siege quest type that allows 16 players to face an Elder Dragon. Players will be face objectives that need to be completed to advance to the next area and increase the number of rewards given.

The Fury of El Dorado quest information is as follows:

  • Repel Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth
  • Location: Caverns of El Dorado
  • Conditions: HR 16 or higher
  • Failure Conditions: Time expires, Faint 3 times
  • Rewards: 36,000 Zenny
  • Unlisted Special Rewards: Kulve Taroth Emperor Nugget to forge the Kulve Taroth Y Armor. Bushi Ticket
  • Other Monsters: Gajalaka
  • Time Limit: 50 minutes

Taking out Kulve Taroth will not be an easy task, so make sure you’re entirely ready to face this Elder Dragon before you embark on the quest. You may also want to look your best, so check out our guide on how to get the Geralt and Ciri Layered Armor. Don’t forget to check out the Monster Hunter World archives for even more news and guides.

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