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The Black Eagle Blueprint in Monster Hunter World is a key item for Hunters to obtain. You'll need to pay attention to your Arena quests if you plan on obtaining one.

Monster Hunter: World is full of items players need to grind for to use in crafting various pieces of armor and weapons. One of those items is a special blueprint that can only be obtained by completing a specific quest. We show you how to get the Black Eagle Blueprint in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Get Black Eagle Blueprint

The Black Eagle Blueprint is key for a few weapons players may want to craft in Monster Hunter: World. There is only one way to obtain this item, and it is through a Master Rank Event Quest called Every Hunter’s Dream III.

Every Hunter’s Dream III can be found playable in the Arena by selecting Master Rank and then Events. The requirements for the quest are listed below.

  • Hunt all target monsters: Nargacuga and Nightshade Paolumu
  • Conditions: MR 9 or higher
  • Failure Conditions: Time expires, Faint 3 times.
  • Unlisted Special Rewards(s): Black Eagle Blueprint, increased crown chance.
  • Other Monsters: none.

Every Hunter’s Dream III can be completed as many times as you like and is available on a rotating schedule. If the quest isn’t available at the time, check back on another day. You will need this unique blueprint to make the following weapons.

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  • 2x for Black Eagle Charge Blade
  • 3x for Black Lightning Eagle Charge Blade
  • 2x for Wyvern Impact Silver Great Sword

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