How to Save Custom Camera Angles – Microsoft Flight Simulator

How to Save Custom Camera Angles – Microsoft Flight Simulator

Learn how to enhance your flight sim experience by creating and saving custom camera angles in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a visually stunning experience for gamers, not just on high-end PCs, but also on the Xbox where it was recently released. Did you know that not only are there several baked-in camera angles for pilots to use in the cockpit, but you can also save your own custom camera angles? Let’s have a look at how to do that.

Default Camera Views

Every airplane in Microsoft Flight Simulator comes with pre-defined cockpit camera angles. These camera angles, which typically include closeups of various instrument panels, consoles, and upper controls, are accessed via the use of the CTRL key and the numbers from 1 – 0 on top of your keyboard.

Custom Camera Views

It is quite easy to move the camera around freely in the cockpit using your mouse, either by holding the right mouse button, or by clicking the mouse wheel and then freely moving around. But you can also shift the camera from left to right and top to bottom via the use of the Right ALT key and the Arrow keys. In some planes, you’re even able to use this method to translate your view into the back of the airplane’s cabine, as seen in the image at the top of this post.

Save Custom Camera Views

Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 20 2021 4 51 06 PM 1024x576 - How to Save Custom Camera Angles - Microsoft Flight Simulator
A beautiful view of some Southern Pacific landscape from inside the cabin of an Airbus A320.

Use the Right ALT key method in combination with the free look mode to position yourself in whatever custom view you want. Now, let’s save that so you don’t have to go through those gymnastics again next time.

Just as the default camera angles are saved into CTRL + 1-0 slots, you can save your custom angles into ALT + 1-0 slots. In order to save a custom camera angle, hit CTRL + ALT + 1..0 for the desired slot. For example, to save a custom camera angle into ALT + 4, hit CTRL + ALT + 4.

Download Custom Camera Views

Now that you know how to create and save your own custom camera angles, what if you don’t want to go through all the work but still want to enjoy some great custom views created by others? Fortunately for you, the Microsoft Flight Simulator community is nothing if not generous, and there is a long list of custom camera angles freely available for you to download.

Our recommendation is the Custom Camera Views addon by PropellerBC. It includes custom views for all standard airplanes and is easy to install. Just follow the instructions provided and enjoy some backseat flying! You’ll find many more custom views at as well.

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