Modok Deck Guide – Marvel Snap

Modok Deck Guide – Marvel Snap

This guide will help you build a deck around the new Modok card in Marvel Snap.

The new season Into the Quantum Realm in Marvel Snap brings a new card for players to use. Modok (Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing) has made its debut and is ready to be used. What does Modok do and how does it fit into a Marvel Snap deck? Let’s dig in.

Modok Deck Guide

MorbDok - Modok Deck Guide – Marvel Snap

Into the Quantum Realm has begun in Marvel Snap bringing Modok with it. Modok is a 5-Cost, 8-Energy On Reveal card. Once, Modok is revealed it will discard your hand. There are a few cards that will be key as you build a deck around Modok. Morbius is one of those cards that will benefit greatly as this Ongoing card will gain +2 power for each card you discard. Below are some decks that center around Modok.

  • (1) Agent 13
  • (1) Iceman
  • (2) Morbius
  • (2) The Collector
  • (2) Cable
  • (2) Wolverine
  • (2) Armor
  • (2) Swarm
  • (3) Cosmo
  • (4) Moon Girl
  • (5) Modok
  • (6) America Chavez

This MorbDok deck really centers around Morbius and The Collector as your primary source of beating your opponent. Cards like Agent 13, Cable, and Moon Girl will buff The Collector as you gain more cards. Once you can destroy Swarm with Modok, it will buff both Morbius and The Collector. Wolverine nice insurance, especially if you duplicate it with Moon Girl. With a guaranteed 6-Cost card with America Chavez, you will have it if you need it in the end.

HelaDok - Modok Deck Guide – Marvel Snap
  • (1) Ebony Maw
  • (2) Morbius
  • (2) Invisible Woman
  • (3) Wave
  • (3) Lady Sif
  • (3) Black Cat
  • (5) Captain Marvel
  • (5) Modok
  • (6) Hela
  • (6) Hulk
  • (6) The Infanut
  • (9) Death

HelaDok is a big risk, big reward deck that still uses Morbius and Modok to power through the game. The key with this deck is to discard your high-level cards in hopes of using Hela at turn 4 under the guise of Invisible Woman. Playing Wave on turn 3 after Invisible Woman on turn 2 will ensure you can play Hela on turn 4. Playing Modok on turn 5 will destroy your big power cards and have them revealed on turn 6 when Hela brings them back.  

The above decks are just a few that Modok can fit into. If you enjoy Discard or Destroy decks, then you can find a place for Modok. Your biggest enemy will be Cosmo as he will block any reveal cards from activating. Cosmo can also be your biggest ally as he will stop Enchantress from negating Morbius’s ability.

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