How to Get Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

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If you want to get Bullet Bill, you better learn to love last place.

A fresh batch of challenges arrived in Mario Kart Tour with the Paris Tour. A new driver has been added in the form of Vacation Peach, her kart Macharon, and the Strawberry Crepe glider. If you have been after more Grand Stars, there are plenty of new challenges to keep you busy, as well. One challenge involves causing opponents to crash three times using Bullet Bill. In this guide, we will show you how to get Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour.

How to Get Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

One of the reasons you may never have seen Bullet Bill is that you might be too good at the game. All the items have different drop rates, depending on your position. Bullet Bill will only drop if you are last, or second last, in the race. To get Bullet Bill, you need to be right at the back of the pack, and then you can get it from item boxes.

Getting the last place in Mario Kart Tour can be difficult. I suggest racing at 150cc to increase the skill and aggressiveness of the AI. Then, hold your Rocket Start too long, which will stall you out at the very start of the race. A normal Rocket Start is done by holding down on the screen when the countdown hits two. To mess it up, just hold from three. This will cause the rest of the racers to zoom on ahead of you. After that, just run over every obstacle you can find. Remember to take corners as poorly as you can, as well. You want to stay in last place, but not fall too far behind.

When you eventually get the item from an item box, prepare for some fun. You will be turned into a massive bullet and will speed down the track. Any driver you come into contact with will spin out and crash. That’s it! To finish this challenge, you should only need to get Bullet Bill once, as you should be able to take out three drivers easily.

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