Hitman 3 – All Safe Codes and Keypad Codes

Hitman 3 – All Safe Codes and Keypad Codes

Learn the keypad codes to unlock every safe and door throughout Hitman 3.

In Hitman 3, players will encounter various doors and safes that require the use of an access code to open them. There are usually only a few access codes needed per mission location, as some codes will unlock multiple doors or safes within the level. In this guide, you will find every safe code and keypad code required throughout each mission in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 Safe Codes & Keypad Codes

Some access codes can be determined based on clues found throughout the mission. However, time is of the essence for Agent 47. Having the keypad and safe codes in advance will save you valuable time when playing through a mission. Below is a list of every safe code and keypad code in Hitman 3, organized by location.  

Dubai Codes

Hitman 3 Dubai Staff Door Code 1024x576 - Hitman 3 - All Safe Codes and Keypad Codes
  • Staff Door Code: 4706. Use this code to access the staff corridors in Dubai. The code is found written on the whiteboard inside the staff meeting room.
  • Security Room Safe Code: 6927. There are two safes in the security room on Level 3. The same code will unlock both safes, which each contain VIP Evacuation Protocol cards.
  • Penthouse Guest Bedroom Safe Code: 7465. This code unlocks a safe inside the guest room on the second floor of the penthouse. Agent 47 will need to obtain a key from a penthouse staffer to get inside the bedroom, or use a crowbar to force his way in. Once inside, use the code to unlock the safe in the corner.

Dartmoor Safe Code

Hitman 3 alexa carlisle safe code 1024x576 - Hitman 3 - All Safe Codes and Keypad Codes
  • Alexa Carlisle’s Safe Code: 1975. Agent 47 can use this safe code to obtain the case file from Alexa Carlisle’s safe in the Death in the Family mission, provided she hasn’t already opened the safe for you. Push the button on Alexa’s office chair to reveal the safe behind the painting on the wall. This safe code can be determined by matching up various symbols found throughout the office to those above the safe.

Berlin Safe Code

Hitman 3 safe code berlin 1024x576 - Hitman 3 - All Safe Codes and Keypad Codes
  • Rolf Hirschmuller’s Safe Code: 1989. This code will open the safe found in the corner of Hirschmuller’s office on Level-2, the bottom floor of the club. Eavesdropping on some staff members will reveal this to be the safe code, as it marks the year that the Berlin Wall fell.

Chongqing Codes

Hitman 3 chongqing ica door code 1024x576 - Hitman 3 - All Safe Codes and Keypad Codes
  • ICA Door Keypad Code: 0118. There are three doors that use this code in Chongqing. Use it on the keypads to the ICA Facility Container Entrance Door, ICA Apartment Door, and Laundromat Door. A staffer outside the container entrance will reveal this code while talking on the phone.
  • Lab Door Keypad Code: 2552. The rest of the doors in Chongqing can be opened using this code. Enter this to open the doors to the Benchmark Lab, Hush’s Private Lab, The Arcade, and the Arcade Hatch.

Mendoza Codes

Hitman 3 wine fridge code mendoza 1024x576 - Hitman 3 - All Safe Codes and Keypad Codes
  • Wine Fridge Laser Code: 1945. This code will disable the security system lasers found in the wine fridge in Mendoza. The code refers to a certain vintage of wine from the end of WWII.
  • Villa Basement Safe Code: 2006. This code refers to the year that Don Archibald Yates and his wife were married. Use it to unlock the safe in the villa’s basement.

Carpathian Mountain Code

Hitman 3 staff room door code carpathian 1024x576 - Hitman 3 - All Safe Codes and Keypad Codes
  • Store Room Door Code: 1979. The last keypad code you will need in Hitman 3 is used to unlock the store room door early on in the Carpathian Mountains. The code is revealed by a poster hanging nearby on the wall.

Although you may not need to open every door or safe using a keypad code in Hitman 3, you may want to keep this guide handy just in case. Check out our other Hitman 3 coverage for more guides like how to unlock the Goldballer.