How to Unlock the Goldballer – Hitman 3

How to Unlock the Goldballer – Hitman 3

Unlocking the ICA19 Goldballer in Hitman 3 won't take nearly as much time as players might imagine.

There are countless items to unlock in Hitman 3 and the World of Assassination trilogy. Some of them are as simple as completing a quick challenge, and others are more involved and require hours of grinding. The ICA19 Goldballer, one of the coolest items introduced by IO Interactive, falls somewhere in the middle. It can be obtained very quickly, but it’s best if players complete a few other tasks first.

How to Unlock the Goldballer

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To unlock the Goldballer in Hitman 3, players must complete the final mission of the campaign found in the Carpathian Mountains, Untouchable. Now, for most, beating the other five missions before finishing the last is ideal so as to not spoil the ending, but technically the Goldballer could belong to any Hitman 3 player in just a few minutes. In fact, players don’t have to do anything special in the Untouchable mission. There are no requirements beyond completion, which will also finish a Feat with the same name (Untouchable). For those that may have completed the final mission months ago, just do it again to snag this suppressed pistol. If you have a few unfinished challenges to knock off in the Carpathian Mountains, this could be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Once players have unlocked the Goldballer, it can be used in Hitman 3 or either of the first two games for those that own them. Simply choose it as your Concealed Weapon, or possibly stash it somewhere in the level to pick up later. You could even stash it in a container, such as one of 47’s briefcases.

As far as stylish weapons go, the Goldballer is as fancy as they come. Players who own Hitman 3 should unlock this just by playing through the fantastic story, or by blasting through the final mission again to add it to their arsenal.