Unlock the Classic Lockpick in Hitman 2

Unlock the Classic Lockpick in Hitman 2

Learn how to unlock the Classic Lockpick while playing Hitman 2.

Players are bound to get sick of the Lockpick MK II in Hitman 2. Agent 47 is a man of class, and as such should use the Classic Lockpick. This item is very difficult to obtain, however. Players can use this guide to fully comprehend what is required to get the Classic Lockpick.

Unlock the Classic Lockpick

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The Classic Lockpick is obtained by completing challenges called The Classics 2. These challenges must be completed in the following missions, and the difficulty must be set to Professional:

  • Nightcall – Hawk’s Bay
  • The Finish Line – Miami
  • Three-Headed Serpent – Santa Fortuna
  • Chasing a Ghost – Mumbai
  • Another Life – Whittleton Creek
  • The Ark Society – Isle of Sgail

The locations above cover the entire main campaign of Hitman 2. Players will need to complete the entire list of challenges below on each map:

  • Silent Assassin
  • Silent Assassin, Suit Only
  • Sniper Assassin
  • Suit Only
  • No Evidence
unlock classic lockpick hitman 2 1024x576 - Unlock the Classic Lockpick in Hitman 2


These challenges can often be completed in a group. For example, players who get Silent Assassin, Suit Only in a run will also unlock Silent Assassin, Suit Only, and No Evidence. Players can wear disguises for Sniper Assassin, but it still tends to be the more difficult challenge. Sniper Assassin is also a bit easier now that the briefcase is available again.

If you were expecting detailed walkthrough help with these challenges, MrFreeze2244 is a fantastic YouTube commentator who makes Hitman 2 videos to help players complete the game’s most difficult challenges. His videos are designed for average players with minimal unlocks and will work wonders for those who are stuck. I highly recommend checking him out for the more intimate details of unlocking the Classic Lockpick.

Gamers now know how to unlock the Classic Lockpick in Hitman 2. However, Guide Stash has more Hitman 2 content to browse through to help Agent 47 keep that Silent Assassin rating intact. Players can also check out IO Interactive for the Hitman 2 roadmap and alerts about new content.